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Jordan Excursion

The VDR Stone Expert Group (German Association of Restorers/Conservators), in collaboration with Applied Conservation Science (ACS), is organizing an international excursion to Jordan from December 14 to 17, 2017. The event also takes place in connection with the study course "Building Pathology and Conservation Technology" of the Architectural Conservation program of the German Jordan University (GJU).

All interested persons are cordially invited to travel with us. The participants are responsible for the following costs: airline flight, transportation in the country, accommodation and food. Transportation is the responsibility of the participants and can be done by making reservations for rental cars. Accommodation in hotels is left to the participants to choose. Simple accommodations (about 20 euros per night) are possible as well as higher class hotels. No additional cost is being asked by VDR and ACS for the field excursion itself.

Coordination will be carried out by the VDR Stone Expert Group. This concerns the bookings for the desired hotels and coordinating carpools with the use of rental cars.

Date of arrival is the 14th of December. At the airport, the participants will be organized into groups for the rental cars. For persons arriving early in the morning of December 15th, transportation to the first excursion stop (from the airport to Madaba) will be available.


The excursion will begin in Madaba on 15.12.2017, a city with fifteen Byzantine churches. In Madaba, we will visit the ruins of the Apostle Church, where the famous mosaic map; the Thalassa mosaic can be viewed. The journey then takes us on to the monastery complex of Mount Moses (Mount Nebo). At this location, particularly beautiful mosaics can also be seen in St. George’s Church and the Lot and Prekop Church, some of which have only recently been restored. The next stop is a natural spectacle, the Dead Sea, where we can rest in the Wadi el-Mujib Nature Reserve and learn about Jordan's unique geography and geology. Passing spectacular rocky landscapes, we return to the high plateau in Kerak. Here we will have the opportunity to visit the famous Crusader Castle and fortify ourselves with the local cuisine in the nearby restaurants. In the evening, we will reach the nature reserve of Dana, where we will spend the evening and the night in the picturesque mountain village. After dinner, a lecture on Petra is planned.

The next morning (16.12.2017) we drive to Petra, where we will start our tour at 10 am together with the students auf the GJU at the entrance of the Petra Archeological Park. The tour takes us to the main at

tractions of the Rock City. Here we will learn about the history of the place, the rocks, the construction and decoration materials, the historical water supply network and the weathering and the restoration of the rock facades. For the evening a barbecue in the middle of this bizarre looking rock landscape will be planned. Our overnight stay will take place in hotels in Wadi Mousa (Spring of Moses).

The next morning (17.12.2017) our program includes a visit to "Little Petra" (Beidha). Here we will learn about ancient agriculture and cisterns and see the world-famous, recently restored murals.

On the way back to the airport we recommend paying a visit to the imposing Crusader Castle of Shobeq.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the deputy group spokesman Dr. Wanja Wedekind at 0179-748-5069, or via e-mail at the contact formula of this website.

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